Mediapro and the LFP seek an agreement for the rights of Ligue 1

The conflict over the television rights of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 between Mediapro and the French LFP enters a new stage. With the production company looking for a “reasonable solution.”
Mediapro failed to comply with the second payment of the audiovisual rights of the French leagues, initiating hostilities with the governing body of the competitions. According to L’Équipe, it is about the payment of 172 million euros, the non-payment of which has forced the League to seek a loan to prevent clubs football shirts 2020-2021 china from not receiving payment in a context of generalized crisis.

Jaume Roures, head of Mediapro, has decided to hold a public appearance to clarify the situation. And to reiterate its commitment to French football despite the voices that advocate a break.

Commitment adapted to changing circumstances
“The contract was made to last, we have that will,” says Roures. While putting the situation in its proper context. “No one could predict the economic effects of the coronavirus. This has forced us to see how we can adapt to this situation, without questioning the commitment we agreed to in April 2018. All the noise that the conflict has generated does not help anyone. For the issue of subscribers it has been the worst. We trust the process of conciliating with the public, ”he declares.

In addition, he points out that: “We have gained a large number of subscribers in recent years. The offer is not comparable to the rest of the leagues. Paying 780 million for 80% of Ligue 1 was a fair price for us. The Chinese have entered our company and our capital. Our project is for four years. We will keep it. We knew it wasn’t going to be profitable the first year and we knew we weren’t going to have millions of subscribers the first year. “

The truth is that the situation is not developing as expected. At the moment, Canale Téléfoot, whose goal at launch was to reach 3.5 million subscribers, has only 600,000 subscribers. Although “it is a project that we maintain, we believe in it. We knew that it would not be profitable from the first season, “he details. “Mediapro is going to continue giving football and today we will give the Champions and the Europa League,” he says.

In search of solutions
The case is now in the hands of the Nanterre Commercial Court, with which Mediapro has initiated a mediation procedure. “We are very confident in the conciliation process. I think we have all the resources to find reasonable solutions ”, explains Roures.

Although Mediapro does not close doors. And it opens to the signing of a distribution agreement with Canal +, as has already been reached with other operators: “We want to reach an agreement with them as well,” Roures sentence.

Haaland closes the door to Real Madrid in summer 2021

In January, Borussia Dortmund secured the services of Erling Haaland. A 19-year-old forward called to mark an era that is very clear about how he wants his career to be.
Borussia Dortmund have a diamond in the rough in Haaland. The Norwegian striker came to the Bundesliga endorsed by his scoring ability. And in Germany it has proven itself to rise to the occasion.

So far this season, the striker has scored 6 goals and distributed 3 assists in 7 games. Thus confirming what was pointed out last season, in which he ended up scoring 44 goals in 40 games, including 10 goals in the Champions League and 13 in the Bundesliga.

His performance is such that several teams are already interested in his signing. With Real Madrid football shirts as the main candidate. Although competition from Bayern has emerged, used to buying the footballers who stand out in the German league. And he is already thinking about the future, with Lewandowski having already turned 32.

But everything points to Borussia Dortmund obviously enjoying Erling Haaland for a long time. According Sport Bild, the striker will stay at BVB in the near future on his own initiative. “Farewell is not a problem for him”, details the German newspaper.

In the Dormund, at least one more season
Haaland is clear. He knows that Dortmund is an intermediate stage in his career. But he only wants to leave BVB to sign for a bigger team if he is assured of being an undisputed player. And currently both Madrid, the main candidate, and Bayern, have Karim Benzema or Robert Lewandowski assuming that role.

Michael Zorc doesn’t think there is reason to be concerned. Why should he be distracted? There are no discussions about him with us, ”the BVB sports director told Sport Bild.

“I prefer to talk about what motivates him: Erling constantly wants to improve. He prefers to improve every week, to progress. Because he feels he still has potential for development, ”adds Zorc.

“He knows that Borussia Dortmund is the right club for him,” says Zorc. The Dortmund executive is aware that the forward still has aspects of his game to improve, such as his header. And, like the player himself, he considers that he is in the ideal place to take another step in his career.

Although this decision does not have to be a problem for Madrid. The white team plans another great operation in 2021, and it is none other than the signing of Kylian Mbappé. So he would be willing to postpone Haaland’s arrival to 2022 if necessary.