Mediapro and the LFP seek an agreement for the rights of Ligue 1

The conflict over the television rights of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 between Mediapro and the French LFP enters a new stage. With the production company looking for a “reasonable solution.”
Mediapro failed to comply with the second payment of the audiovisual rights of the French leagues, initiating hostilities with the governing body of the competitions. According to L’Équipe, it is about the payment of 172 million euros, the non-payment of which has forced the League to seek a loan to prevent clubs football shirts 2020-2021 china from not receiving payment in a context of generalized crisis.

Jaume Roures, head of Mediapro, has decided to hold a public appearance to clarify the situation. And to reiterate its commitment to French football despite the voices that advocate a break.

Commitment adapted to changing circumstances
“The contract was made to last, we have that will,” says Roures. While putting the situation in its proper context. “No one could predict the economic effects of the coronavirus. This has forced us to see how we can adapt to this situation, without questioning the commitment we agreed to in April 2018. All the noise that the conflict has generated does not help anyone. For the issue of subscribers it has been the worst. We trust the process of conciliating with the public, ”he declares.

In addition, he points out that: “We have gained a large number of subscribers in recent years. The offer is not comparable to the rest of the leagues. Paying 780 million for 80% of Ligue 1 was a fair price for us. The Chinese have entered our company and our capital. Our project is for four years. We will keep it. We knew it wasn’t going to be profitable the first year and we knew we weren’t going to have millions of subscribers the first year. “

The truth is that the situation is not developing as expected. At the moment, Canale Téléfoot, whose goal at launch was to reach 3.5 million subscribers, has only 600,000 subscribers. Although “it is a project that we maintain, we believe in it. We knew that it would not be profitable from the first season, “he details. “Mediapro is going to continue giving football and today we will give the Champions and the Europa League,” he says.

In search of solutions
The case is now in the hands of the Nanterre Commercial Court, with which Mediapro has initiated a mediation procedure. “We are very confident in the conciliation process. I think we have all the resources to find reasonable solutions ”, explains Roures.

Although Mediapro does not close doors. And it opens to the signing of a distribution agreement with Canal +, as has already been reached with other operators: “We want to reach an agreement with them as well,” Roures sentence.

Judge dismisses U.S. National Women’s Team equitable demand

A federal judge dismissed the inequitable payment lawsuit filed by the players against the US football federation, but testified that his complaint of discrimination in lodging during travel and medical services was in a trial.

The players, led by Alex Morgan, point out that they have not received equitable pay under the terms of their collective agreement, in relation to what the men become. They therefore demanded compensation of more than $66 million under the Civil Rights Act 1964, which in Title VII sets out the terms of equitable pay.

On Friday, in a 32-page ruling, Federal District Judge R. Gary Klausner 20 accepted the federation’s motion for summary trial. He dismissed the lawsuit related to the fair pay act, but left the civil rights complaint intact.

“The history of the negotiations among the parties shows that the women’s team turned down an offer to receive remuneration under the same pay-per-game structure as the men’s selection,” Klausner wrote. “And the women’s team was willing to give up higher bonuses in favor of benefits such as greater base compensation and the guarantee of a greater number of players under contract.

“Therefore, the applicants cannot now retroactively consider that their collective agreement is worse than that of the selection of men by referring what they would have accrued if they had been paid with the pay-per-game structure, when they themselves rejected that structure.”

Klausner kept the complaint standing, according to which the federation discriminated against players in the use of chartered flights, hotel accommodation, medical support services and training assistance.

A trial is scheduled for June 16 at a federal court in Los Angeles.

“We are shocked and disappointed with today’s decision, but we will not shut up in our hard work for fair pay,” said Molly Levinson, spokesman for the footballers, in a statement. “We are confident in our case and will stand firm in our commitment to ensuring that girls and women who play this sport are not underestimated just for their gender.”

The players intend to ask the federal appeals court on the ninth federal circuit to oversevere Klausner’s decision, a step that would delay the trial.

“We have learned that there are tremendous obstacles to change. We know it takes courage, courage and perseverance to face them,” Levinson said.

Colombians stranded in Argentina suffer theft and other hardship during their journey

BOGOT — The nightmare experienced by 18 fans of Independiente de Medellin after almost two months in Argentina, came to an end on Monday.

Fans of the “Poderoso de la Montaña” had traveled to Buenos Aires to attend the Copa Libertadores duel on March 10 in La Bombonera against Boca Juniors. As they set out on the ground, the coronavirus pandemic broke all of his aspirations to return home.

On Monday, 128 other people arrived in Medellin on Monday and obtained permission from the Colombian authorities to return to the middle of quarantine. argentina soccer jersey

Chancellor Claudia Blum celebrated her arrival and noted that more than 2,400 Colombians have returned to the country on 22 humanitarian flights.

The group was originally made up of 39 fans, of whom 21 managed to leave Argentina at the end of the match in which Boca Juniors beat Independiente de Medellin 3-0. The coronavirus forced the suspension of the tournament a few days later.

Fans set out on the long journey home by land. As they were about to cross the border with Bolivia, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez closed the country’s borders by advancing the coronavirus. Days later, on March 20, he decreed a mandatory quarantine.

The fans spent 15 days in the border town of La Quiaca, in Jujuy province, where “we were beaten and robbed,” said Angelo Taborda, who served as the group’s spokesman, in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

The crossing would have a new chapter when DIM fans were boarded on a bus and sent back to Buenos Aires. After again traveling 1,500 kilometers, the police stopped them at one of the entrances to the capital because the vehicle was not authorized to drive.

Fans lived from hotel to hotel and underwent a test to determine if they had coronavirus. The results were negative and will now be quarantined before joining their families.

AP journalist Deborah Rey contributed this firm from Buenos Aires.

Germany restartá its fútbol season in the #243;ximas weeks

BERLIN-German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed on Wednesday that the Bundesliga will be able to resume this month amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Merkel announced a relaxation of a number of restrictions after meeting with the country’s 16 federal governors. Calls to loosen the measures had increased in recent days as there was a decline in daily contagion in the country.


It can be played in Germany’s top two football divisions without an audience, and meeting a number of requirements to prevent another outbreak.

Players will have to undergo testing and teams must be quarantined before resuming matches.

At best, the tournament will restart on May 16. The German league will hold a virtual assembly on Thursday with the 26 clubs of the two main divisions.

The Bundesliga was interrupted on 13 March and has nine dates left to play. Clubs have committed to completing the season by the end of June.

footbol by coronavirus

MADRID.- La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation announced on Monday the indefinite suspension of professional football in the country until the government authorities “consider that they can resume and this does not pose any health risk”.

The announcement comes to the unbraned advance of the coronavirus in Spain.


Football competitions were initially suspended for two weeks, but the government reported Sunday that it will likely prolong the alarm state, implying maintaining restrictions on free transit across the country until at least April 11.

According to the Spanish authorities, more than 33,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in the country, with more than 2,182 deaths.

The crisis led to the suspension of Spain’s two main divisions on 12 March. A day earlier, the federation ordered the cancellation of all competitions without non-professional character.