Manchester United shirt Chinese New Year 2019-20

China is an apple that everyone wants to bite and adidas has a plan to sink their teeth. All through a collection of cheap manchester united T-shirts from their most important teams in Europe, celebrating the Asian giant’s New Year.

The first to hit the ring is Manchester United, a club that takes the dragon, a symbol of the emperor, as his inspiration.
The creature’s choice is not random, considering that despite the mediocre days it is, Manchester United is the European team with the most fans in China.
The shirt – which will not be used in official matches – has the red base that identifies the English cast and a series of dragons are deployed on it. Both in the torso and back.

A black collar adorns the kit, with the adidas logo right at its apex and in gold. Manchester United’s shield is also located at the center of the chest.
Alongside the Manchester United Chinese New Year 2019-20 shirt will also sell a number of garments that complement the collection, including trousers and jackets.

This is the third Manchester United shirt 2019-20

Manchester United took the time machine and traveled until 1909 to find the inspiration that adorns their third jersey of the 2019–20 season.
The German brand adidas is behind the new design. Its leading color is black, but it also carries red details on the logo of the three strips and the shield of the English painting.
Both the torso and the back are visible also a faint grey pattern with a rose. It is precisely this that takes us to 1909, the year when Manchester United won their first FA Cup.

This duel was played in a white T-shirt with a red rose on the chest and today, that same flower is the one that is printed multiplely on the fabric.
Just on the left side of the waist is a legend reminiscent of the moment: “110 Years – Manchester Rose – 1909-2019”.

Finally, the triple stripe of adidas perches on the shoulders, in black, and almost imperceptibly.
The third Manchester United shirt 2019-20 completes the English club’s collection for this season. If you want to see the headline click here, while the alternative controversy is available here.

All kits can be purchased from the club’s online store, at Old Trafford and at adidas locations.