Inter Milan puts on his shirt the Instagram profiles of his players

Adaptation to the times or just ridiculous? Inter Milan opened the debate after its latest idea to celebrate its “Social Night”, an event in which the club is intimately related to the world of social media.
If you can’t imagine, here’s a clarifying graphic element.
We’re sorry to hurt sensitivities.

The club put the images on social media, in the previous one of buy inter milan soccer jersey cheap their match against Cagliari. Obviously, this snunted fear among the fans, who en masse rejected the potential idea of their team entering the court with such an advertising exercise.
To their fate, Inter Milan finally decided to enter the field with their traditional kit.

It’s unclear if it was because it was the original plan or because the rejection of the fans made them change their minds.

Then the joy of a 4-0 on Cagliari helped further overshadow the brief nightmare.

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