Manchester City shirts 2019-20

With the music of Bugzy Malone, Manchester City debuted their shirts for the manchester city shirts 2019–20 Premier League season. The great novelty of the Citizens is that they will no longer dress next to Nike. Its new sponsor is the German brand Puma, which debuts in the records of the English team.
Both kits take as inspiration different historical moments in the city of Manchester.

Celeste, obviously, is the lead color of the starting shirt. On its torso, in addition, is unfurleed fabric representing the looms of the city at the time of the industrial revolution.
As a contrast, on the shoulders, two strips are sticking in purple. The color is no stranger to the club’s history, however, it is the first time it has appeared in a home kit. The same tone is used for sponsors and logos. The word “City” is inscribed at the top of the back and under the shield leaves a reminder of the team’s 125 years.

The inspiration for alternative clothing, on the other hand, is more than a century later and focuses on the cultural explosion known as Madchester, which occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Its base is black and has a yellow stripe on the right shoulder. Its design recalls the nightclub La Ha’ienda, an icon in the night scene of those years. Finally, sky touches and orange (peach) adorn the cuffs, while the legend “Manchester” unfolds vertically on the back, under the cervical zone.

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