Tottenham Hotspur seeks to improve the performance of their footballers with Healthspan vitamins

One of the biggest Premier League teams, Tottenham, has made public the signing of an agreement with Healthspan.
The UK’s leading vitamin and supplement supplier, Healthspan, has partnered with tottenham hotspur football shirt. Signing an alliance by which it becomes an official supplier of vitamins and supplements of the club. An agreement that includes both the first team and the base football teams.

In this way, Tottenham follow in the footsteps of Southampton FC and Nottingham Forest, British football teams linked to Healthspan.

Healthspan’s Elite range is used by professional athletes looking to supplement their diet. Its products comply with the rigorous testing programs required by professional sport and governing bodies.

Dr Shabaaz Mughal, Director of Medical and Sports Sciences at Tottenham Hotspur, acknowledges that “we are delighted to add Healthspan Elite to the club’s list of official suppliers. Its range of vitamins and elite supplements will allow us to meet the individual needs of each of our players.”

“Healthspan is well known in professional sport for providing the highest quality supplements. And they are widely used throughout the Premier League. We are excited to work with them (…). Looking to maximize the performance (of footballers),” Mughal says.

Chris Fisher, Director of Sports Nutrition at Healthspan, says: “We are very proud to work with Tottenham Hotspur. And we look forward to contributing to the continued success of the club.” Who considers “it’s a great time to bring Tottenham Hotspur on board.” After recently signing with Scottish Rugby and Southampton FC.

Healthspan has more than 200 supplements in its portfolio.

Tottenham Hotspur footballers will recover by resting on Mammoth mattresses

Tottenham Hotspur have reached an agreement with Mammoth mattresses to support the player’s rest and recovery.
The health and wellness company based in the north-east of the country, Mammoth, has signed an exclusive agreement to become the official supplier of mattresses and pillows to tottenham hotspur football.

In this way, Mammoth will provide the Premier League team with their scientifically tested mattresses and pillows to ensure that players enjoy the best conditions for sleep. Both before each match and for the rest of the week. As its products will be installed in the club’s luxury accommodation, the Lodge, which will open in 2018.

Dr. Shabaaz Mughal, Director of Medical Sciences and Sport of Spurs, says that “we are always reviewing ways we can improve the health and performance of our players. Seeking to ensure that they reach their full potential. Mammoth Elite mattresses allow players to have a consistent rest and rehabilitation experience. Both at home and when staying at the club’s new Lodge.”

Mammoth continues to grow this way in the world of sport. Following the recent agreement signed with the RPA (Rugby Players’ Association). Or his alliance with the British Athletes’ Commission at two Olympic Games.

Inter Milan launches special t-shirt for its 110 years

On March 9, Inter Milan in Italy turned 110 years old. To celebrate the date, the Lombard club released a special kit that joins its past with the present.
The design of the tricota is the same as Nike did for the inter milan shirt 2017-18 season, but with a couple of extra details. Probably the most obvious is the autographs of the entire interlist campus in the abdomen area.

As we go in the direction of the back, we also find the number 110 and the word Inter engraved at the top of the dorsal.

But that’s not all. On the left sleeve of the shirt also appears a special shield of the club and that shows its anniversary. The logo is white and bears the red cross of San Ambrosio, while in the center goes the current emblem of the neroazurri and the dates 1908-2018. At the top, meanwhile, is the inscription “Centodieci Inter” (110 Inter).

All surrounded by golden edges.

Inter Milan puts on his shirt the Instagram profiles of his players

Adaptation to the times or just ridiculous? Inter Milan opened the debate after its latest idea to celebrate its “Social Night”, an event in which the club is intimately related to the world of social media.
If you can’t imagine, here’s a clarifying graphic element.
We’re sorry to hurt sensitivities.

The club put the images on social media, in the previous one of buy inter milan soccer jersey cheap their match against Cagliari. Obviously, this snunted fear among the fans, who en masse rejected the potential idea of their team entering the court with such an advertising exercise.
To their fate, Inter Milan finally decided to enter the field with their traditional kit.

It’s unclear if it was because it was the original plan or because the rejection of the fans made them change their minds.

Then the joy of a 4-0 on Cagliari helped further overshadow the brief nightmare.

Manchester City gets on trend and presents their 2019 mashup shirt

Manchester City is the new team that succumbs to the fashion of mashup shirts. The kit, they say, celebrates the six years of partnership between the English club and Nike. We, on the other hand, see it more as one of the last opportunities for the American brand to make a profit with the Cityzens, as these are changed to Puma in the cheap manchester city shirts 2019-2020 season.

Just like Nike itself with Barcelona and Inter Milan, the shirt mixes different models of the club during its collaboration with the brand.
Specifically, the collage consists of nine models created in these six years. Its design includes title T-shirts, alternatives and even one than another third kit.
The current shield goes to the left side of the shirt, but on the back there is also a place for the shield that the club wore between 1997 and 2016.
The youth star, Phil Foden, spoke about the new Manchester City Mashup Kit:

“It’s great because fans will be able to see the jerseys and relive the memories they created.”
The mashup will not be used in official games, but the club will wear it on 30 March, in the lead-up to Fulham’s Premier League match.

Finally, fans will be able to access the kit on April 10. It is a limited edition of 6,000 copies and on the City website you can get details on how to get it.

Manchester United shirt Chinese New Year 2019-20

China is an apple that everyone wants to bite and adidas has a plan to sink their teeth. All through a collection of cheap manchester united T-shirts from their most important teams in Europe, celebrating the Asian giant’s New Year.

The first to hit the ring is Manchester United, a club that takes the dragon, a symbol of the emperor, as his inspiration.
The creature’s choice is not random, considering that despite the mediocre days it is, Manchester United is the European team with the most fans in China.
The shirt – which will not be used in official matches – has the red base that identifies the English cast and a series of dragons are deployed on it. Both in the torso and back.

A black collar adorns the kit, with the adidas logo right at its apex and in gold. Manchester United’s shield is also located at the center of the chest.
Alongside the Manchester United Chinese New Year 2019-20 shirt will also sell a number of garments that complement the collection, including trousers and jackets.

Manchester City shirts 2019-20

With the music of Bugzy Malone, Manchester City debuted their shirts for the manchester city shirts 2019–20 Premier League season. The great novelty of the Citizens is that they will no longer dress next to Nike. Its new sponsor is the German brand Puma, which debuts in the records of the English team.
Both kits take as inspiration different historical moments in the city of Manchester.

Celeste, obviously, is the lead color of the starting shirt. On its torso, in addition, is unfurleed fabric representing the looms of the city at the time of the industrial revolution.
As a contrast, on the shoulders, two strips are sticking in purple. The color is no stranger to the club’s history, however, it is the first time it has appeared in a home kit. The same tone is used for sponsors and logos. The word “City” is inscribed at the top of the back and under the shield leaves a reminder of the team’s 125 years.

The inspiration for alternative clothing, on the other hand, is more than a century later and focuses on the cultural explosion known as Madchester, which occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Its base is black and has a yellow stripe on the right shoulder. Its design recalls the nightclub La Ha’ienda, an icon in the night scene of those years. Finally, sky touches and orange (peach) adorn the cuffs, while the legend “Manchester” unfolds vertically on the back, under the cervical zone.

Manchester City reveals its third shirt for 2019-20

On their arrival in Shanghai, China, where they will play a series of friendlies, cheap manchester city shirts presented their third jersey for the 2019–20 Premier League season. The new kit is part of the club’s first collaboration with its new technical sponsor, the German brand Puma.

The alternative model stands out for the use of a colorful gradient that includes a yellow and orange tone (peach, according to the official description). A dose of black on her round neck and Puma’s Big Cat closes the look. Looks like a summer cocktail, but it’s not.
The combination is difficult to justify in the club’s history, so the marketing verse points out that the inspiration behind the uniform lies in the exciting style of play that City delivers with the hand of its coach, Pep Guardiola.

“On the field, our goal is to play attack ing-and-out football. That’s why I’m delighted that Puma used it as inspiration for our new third kit. I hope to see you on court soon,” the Spanish DT said.
The third Manchester City shirt will be available at the trade from 15 July. This includes Puma locations as well as the renovated City Store at Etihad Stadium.
If you want to see the headline and alternative kit, released a couple of weeks ago, you can click here.

This is the third Manchester United shirt 2019-20

Manchester United took the time machine and traveled until 1909 to find the inspiration that adorns their third jersey of the 2019–20 season.
The German brand adidas is behind the new design. Its leading color is black, but it also carries red details on the logo of the three strips and the shield of the English painting.
Both the torso and the back are visible also a faint grey pattern with a rose. It is precisely this that takes us to 1909, the year when Manchester United won their first FA Cup.

This duel was played in a white T-shirt with a red rose on the chest and today, that same flower is the one that is printed multiplely on the fabric.
Just on the left side of the waist is a legend reminiscent of the moment: “110 Years – Manchester Rose – 1909-2019”.

Finally, the triple stripe of adidas perches on the shoulders, in black, and almost imperceptibly.
The third Manchester United shirt 2019-20 completes the English club’s collection for this season. If you want to see the headline click here, while the alternative controversy is available here.

All kits can be purchased from the club’s online store, at Old Trafford and at adidas locations.

Manchester City unveils 125-year-old shirt

After renewing his wardrobe with Puma, Manchester City returns to the treadmill headlines with a special kit. One created to celebrate his 125 years of life.
Manchester City Shirt 125 Years
The design prepared by the Big Cat bets on a classic and elegant look.

The T-shirt bears a sky sky that eloquently justifies its nickname of the “Sky Blues”. Like a pair of clouds, a dose of white appears on the cuffs and his crew-style collar.
Under the shield the anniversary is announced with the legend “125” years, while the torso enjoys a unique privilege in these times: it has no sponsors. In fact, the only footprint of a brand is Puma’s Big Cat, in the arms, almost imperceptibly.

Inside the neck is a label replicating the club’s founding document, while on the top of the back is printed the ship that adorns the Manchester City shield with the team’s zero year: 1894.
Manchester City’s 125-year-old public debut will be on 4 August in the Community Shield’s dispute against Liverpool. Fans will be in the meantime will have access to the kit starting August 29. There will be 1,894 genuine jerseys, plus replicas for men, women and children.